Mahtomedi Community Education at a Glance

Educational Excellence for any Interest

Over 25 Partners

Community Education partners with over 25 businesses to provide learning opportunities for the community.

Interest and Passion

Explore old interests or new passions! No matter what you are interested in, there are ways to explore, engage, and grow.

3,400 Participants

Over 3,400 youth-age students participated in Community Education classes or events.

Kindergarten Success

ECFE and Preschool programming provides meaningful and effective learning opportunities to prepare your child for Kindergarten success

9,000 Hours

Community Education has provided over 9,000 hours of facility use to our community.

Lifelong Learning

Anyone can be a lifelong learner! Connect with Mahtomedi Community Education and find your love of learning.



Several community members, parents, and district staff are currently investigating the district's facility needs in both academics and athletics. At the October School Board meeting, the Taskforce will share their suggestions on the most important needs.

- Facilities Audit

New preschool teacher

Welcome our new Mahtomedi Area Preschool teacher, Mrs. Schaubschlager! She is excited to be teaching here as she is a Mahtomedi alumna. "I look forward to assisting the next generation of students develop a love for learning."

- Kalpana Schaubschlager, Preschool Teacher

Tiger, an MHS mentor works with a middle school student at the cooking club

“I love cooking. If I had a mentor back then (when I was learning to cook), it would have helped my cooking skills grow faster.” Tiger served as a mentor to the middle school students in the Zephyr Cooking Club during club meetings and on career exploration field trips.

- Tiger Efiong, MHS Class of 2023