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2020-2021 Preschool (MAP)!

Preschool is an exciting time for young learners. Building on what children have learned from their parents as their first teachers, Mahtomedi Area Preschool (MAP) helps prepare them for the world of kindergarten.  

MAP takes 3-5 year olds through daily activities that strengthen social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development. The curriculum features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. Math, language and literacy skills are sharpened in MAP, as is self-regulation. Along the way children further develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking abilities. Teachers and associates truly get to know each child as they grow together through their MAP experience.

We look forward to having your family join our MAP family!
ratingWhat Makes Mahtomedi Area Preschool Unique?
  • 4-Star Parent Aware Preschool Program
  • Ongoing assessment using Teaching Strategies GOLD® which is aligned with Minnesota Kindergarten State Standards
  • Low child to teacher ratio
  • Licensed early childhood teachers and trained associates in every classroom
  • On-site specialists to meet individual needs
  • Differentiated learning opportunities
  • Class times aligned to meet family’s needs and stay connected to our community
  • MAP staff work closely with kindergarten staff to ensure a seamless transition to kindergarten for your child.

Covid-19 Tuition Policy: 
  • Due to the pandemic we have had to put a tuition policy in place for those who have to quarantine due to exposure or having the virus. 
  • We do not offer a credit for preschool tuition due to the fact there are distance learning opportunities for all preschool learners.
  • You must inform the Early Childhood Coordinator the first day of quarantine.  
  • For the 14 days that your child(ren) does not attend PALS & Extended days due to COVID 19 your tuition will be credited for half of the cost of the missed days. 
  • Families will be responsible for the balance after the credit is applied.  
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Contact: Stephanie Berwald