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At this time, we are FULL for our Summer MAC 2021 program.

You can still register but will be added to a waitlist and notified if space becomes available.
(hold off on deposit as registrations are time stamped)
Summerahtomedi Adventure Club (MAC) is an affordable school age care program coordinated by Mahtomedi Public Schools Community Education. MAC provides a safe, fun, and enriching “home-base,” where all children have the opportunity to socialize and enjoy their leisure time in a constructive and enriching environment.
Per state standards the MAC staff to student ratio is 1:15 (School Age)

In order to receive care during the School year, No School Days, and Summer you must be registered for the MAC program. School Year and Summer are separate registrations.

Each site is capped and registration is first come, first serve. Space availability is based on staffing.
You MUST currently be enrolled in Mahtomedi Schools in order to register for MAC.

Covid-19 Tuition Policy:

Due to the pandemic we have had to put a tuition policy in place for those who have to quarantine due to exposure or having the virus.
You must inform MAC the first day of quarantine.  
The 14 days that your child(ren) does not attend due to COVID 19 your tuition on the missed dates will be credited for half of the cost. 
Families will be responsible for the balance after the credit is applied.  

School Year MAC: In K-5th       Summer: Completed K-7th
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School Year Information

MAC 2021-22 Registration starts on June 21, 2021
(Online by 9am at the latest)

At this time we are waiting to
hear from the district on
school start times before we can post scheduling options
and rates for the 2021-2022 
School Year

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Summer Information

MAC 2021 Summer Registration starts on March 22nd, 2021
(Online by 9am at the latest) 

Summer MAC is
11 weeks this summer!*
Open: June 15 - August 20, 2021
August 23-27 is an 11th week
and registration will be after
the fourth of July. Space based on staffing.

Closed: June 11, 14, and July 5th

*Sr. MAC is still 10 weeks
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No School Day Information

MAC Handbook for Families

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Changes for regular (entering 1st-5th grade) 2021 Summer MAC:
- There is no 'Pick Your Day' option this summer. Due to staffing and pod sizes we are unable to accommodate that scheduling option this year.
Due to staffing, space is limited and enrollment is not guaranteed. ('Pick Your Day' is available for Senior MAC ONLY!)
Scheduling Options Available:
Option 1 - Regular Schedule: Select 3-5 days a week for the entire summer. Days must be consistent every week. Two weeks vacation credit available for this option if registered by May 1st. Week notice required for vacation. Please see parent handbook for rules regarding vacation credit.
Option 2 - Pick Your Week: Select one or more full weeks of care and only pay for those weeks. No vacation credit available with this option. No changes to the weeks selected after May 1st.
- To utilize staff and space we have a 3 day (set schedule) minimum this summer.
- The calendar is scheduled to change based on Covid restrictions. We may be able to add additional field trips depending on rules and regulation changes as well as places opening up. The tentative calendar is attached.
-NEW! Breakfast and Lunch will be offered (free) through the school district/food services daily at WW and OHA. Breakfast will be offered between 8-9AM and lunch around 11:15-30AM.
- We are offering an 11th week of care. Registration is limited and sign up will go out after the 4th of July. Capacity based on staff availability.


Our priority is to provide child care in the safest way possible. Therefore, the following changes will be necessary to follow state COVID-19 health guidelines and direction from the Minnesota departments of education (MDE) and health (MDH), and the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC):

We will practice social distancing and align with the state safety recommendations by placing students in smaller groups.
Students and staff will be placed in small groups and grouping will be more consistent than regular Adventure Club (less mixing of kids on site)
Movement from one space to another will be limited and controlled.