Registration for the Summer MAC 2022:  Tuesday, February 22nd (online by 9:00 AM)

During the registration period:
-In order to register for the Mahtomedi Adventure Club, you must attend be enrolled in ISD 832.
Any questions, please contact the program coordinator, Jamie O'Hara.

-Registrations are taken and time stamped. Registration is first come, first serve. 

-Enrollment is not guaranteed and is always on a space available basis. Sites are capped per day. See table below.

Wildwood Elementary K-1st Kids (going into 1st and 2nd) 90 MAX per day
O.H. Anderson 2nd-4th Kids (going into 3rd-5th) 90 MAX per day
Mahtomedi Middle School
           Senior MAC
5th-7th (going into 6th-8th) 30 MAX per day

-Late registrations will be accepted on space availability only. 


Summer MAC starts June 14th and ends August 19th, 2022. 
For discounted rate, register for summer MAC before May 1st. Rates go up after deadline.

The SUMMER MAC program: Children who just completed Kindergarten through seventh grade may enroll in our summer programs.
WW MAC at Wildwood Elementary
Completed K-1

OHA MAC at OHA Elementary
Completed 2-4
SENIOR MAC at Mahtomedi Middle School
Completed 5th-7th grade


Weekly Schedule
Monday -

Tuesday through Thursday - 
Field Trips/On Site Activity:
Varies from week to week.

Friday -
Flipped Friday - Fun activities!
Weekly Schedule

Monday -

Tuesday through Thursday - 
Field Trips/On site activities

Friday -
7:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Monday - Friday
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Tuesday - Friday

Changes for regular (entering 1st-5th grade) Summer MAC:
- There is no 'Pick Your Day' option this summer. Due to staffing and pod sizes we are unable to accommodate that scheduling option this year. 
Due to staffing, space is limited and enrollment is not guaranteed. ('Pick Your Day' is available for Senior MAC ONLY!)
Scheduling Options Available:
   Option 1 - Regular Schedule: Select 3-5 days a week for the entire summer. Days must be consistent every week.  Two weeks vacation credit available for this option if registered by May 1st. Week notice required for vacation. Please see parent handbook for rules regarding vacation credit.
   Option 2 - Pick Your Week: Select one or more full weeks of care and only pay for those weeks. No vacation credit available with this option. No changes to the weeks selected after May 1st.
- To utilize staff and space we have a 3 day (set schedule) minimum this summer.
- The calendar is scheduled to change based on Covid restrictions. We may be able to add additional field trips depending on rules and regulation changes as well as places opening up. The tentative calendar is attached.
- We are offering an 11th week of care. Registration is limited and sign up will go out after the 4th of July. Capacity based on staff availability.