About Mahtomedi Public Schools eNews

School eNews is delivered by email each Thursday by each of the 4 schools in the district.

Mahtomedi Public Schools recognizes the great role non-profit organizations play in serving our community. Our eNews provides an opportunity for local non-profit organizations to share program information, events, activities and unique opportunities with students and families in our district.

All eNews messages, flyers, and paper handouts must be approved by Mahtomedi Community Education; individual schools will not process requests.  Once approved however, it is up to the individual school as to whether or not the message will be published or flier will be shared.

Requests to share information will be reviewed based on Mahtomedi Public Schools’ data practices and advertising policies. Organizations offering a program in direct conflict with Mahtomedi Public Schools' athletics and activities or Community Education programming will not have materials approved for distribution.

Opportunities to share information with our school district are only available to NON-PROFIT, COMMUNITY-SERVING organizations located in and holding programs and events within the Mahtomedi Public Schools boundaries.

Articles will be published once, then republished in the "e-News review" section the following week. Weekly repeat submissions will not be approved.

Publishing of the Mahtomedi Public Schools eNews is only published during the school year. 

Requests must be received by Monday in order to be included in the eNews that week. 

eNews items will not be "held" or "saved" for future publication.  Please do not submit news earlier than the week prior to desired publishing date. 

To submit your message for Mahtomedi Public Schools eNews, please click Submit School eNews Request to your left.
If you need assistance, please call 651-407-2034

Contact: Jana Swanson