Middle School Band Instructors

Andrea Myers - Flute
Phone: 206-446-1624
email: andrea@andreamyers.com
B.M. in flute performance, U of M Twin Cities

Chuck Linderkamp - Clarinet/Sax/Oboe
Phone: 612-722-8912
email: cKlinderkamp@comcast.net
B.A., Gustavus Adolphus CollegePerformer with Bend in the River Big Band - Temporary Heroes Orchestra.

John Baumgartner - Low Brass/Trumpet

Kory Andry - Percussion
Phone: 612-801-9799
email: ktandry@gmail.com
Performing with The Minnesota Opera, Touring Broadway Shows, The Children's Theater Company, The Guthrie Theater

Contact: kathleen.stahnke@isd832.net