Middle School Band Lessons

3-30-20 UPDATE:  Students registered for 2nd-semester band lessons with private instructors will continue during the distance learning time period. Arrangements will be/have been made with the students/families per individual instructor.  
The completion of 15 lessons will conclude in May as previously communicated through the registration process.

To get the most out of the band experience, private lessons on the given instrument are strongly encouraged. Professional instructors offer the extra attention necessary to help your musician reach his/her full potential, and it is done on a schedule which is very convenient for the student. For many years the school has contracted qualified professional instructors to come to the school to offer lessons during or after school. The student will receive personalized instruction from a teacher who specializes in his/her instrument. Band instructors will provide quarterly progress reports.

All questions regarding the lessons and scheduling of lessons will be administered by the individual band instructors. Registration, payments and billing will be processes by Community Education.

There will be 2 Sessions offered during the school year.

Lesson Options Tuition 1 Session Tuition Full Year
(1) 26-minute private lessons
(typically during the school day)
$330 - 1 session school year, 15 lessons $660 - Entire school year,
30 lessons
(2) 30-minute private lessons
(typically before or after school)
$372.75 - 1 session school year,
15 lessons
$745.50 - Entire school year,
30 lessons
(3) 26-minutes group lessons of 2
(if space and compatibility are available)
$240 - 1 session school year,
15 lessons
$480 - Entire school year,
30 lessons
(4) Non-District student lessons.
30-minute lesson after school.
$432.75 - 1 session school year,
15 lessons

Coordination of the Individual Band lessons is done in cooperation with Community Education and Linda Niziolek, Middle School Band Director. Phone 651-407-2229
Email: Linda.Niziolek@isd832.net


Contact: kathleen.stahnke@isd832.net