District Education Center Sign Reservation
Sign is located in front of the District Education Center at
1520 Mahtomedi Avenue. 
How to reserve the District Education Center Sign:

To request use of the District Education sign, please follow the facility request process, selecting DEC Sign Northside or Southside as your "location" 

Click here to return the the Facilities Use main web page to begin the sign reservation process. 

Please allow at minimum 14 business days for your request to be processed and approved.

A $20 permit fee will be charged to non-school organizations (Class III, IV, and V). Payment can be made at the Community Education web store or in the Community Education office. The request will not be processed nor will the sign usage be reserved without payment of the permit fee. To pay your $20 fee, please click here. 

About the District Education Center Sign
  • Information will be display Monday through Sunday the week preceding the advertised event.
  • Priority of usage includes the following:
                          (1) School District (2) Community Education (3) Community Organizations
  • Both sides of the sign will be used if needed to accommodate two different requests.
  • The sign can accommodate 4 lines maximum, 15 characters per line.
  • Community Education reserves the right to deny pre-approved requests with school-related items if necessary.
  • Requests will be reviewed on the basis of the School District’s data practices and advertising policies. Organizations offering programs in direct competition with District 832 school/or Community Education programs will not meet approval for advertisement. Advertisement is only available to Non-Profit, Community Serving organizations located in and holding events within the Mahtomedi Area Public School Boundaries.