Tips for requesting a facility:

1.) Read the Facility Use Guidelines to make sure you know what classification you/your group are. This determines what fees will be charged. (Complete Rules and Regulations are in Policy 902.)

2.) Be sure to note if your group intends to serve or sell food while utilizing Mahtomedi School District space. 

3.) Your permit will be emailed to you as soon as it is approved. Please allow 7 business days for processing facilities requests. Remember to check your SPAM email folder, this email will arrive from

4.) READ THE PERMIT COMPLETELY. YOUR SIGNATURE/ ELECTRONIC PIN IS REQUIRED. Once received electronically, the permit application is complete.

5.) Be sure to keep a copy of the permit, and bring it with you when you use the facility.

If you have forgotten your user ID, password, or PIN call Jeri Gluck 651.407.2036.

Contact: Jeri Gluck