Middle School Enrichment
Girl Power Self-Love Boot Camp (grades 6-8)

In this GIRLS ONLY camp, campers will join local holistic nutritionist and motivational speaker, Jackie Mart, for an EMPOWERing 4 weeks. We will be learning about each of the different self-empowerment topics below. Each weekly session will be filled with education, exploring, open discussions, and engaging and creative activities based on the theme of the day.

Self-Care (Stress, exercise, nutrition, sleep, personal hygiene),

Self-Confidence (Body image, mindset, self-talk, affirmations),

Self-Respect (Healthy relationships, setting boundaries),

Self-Growth (Goal setting, life purpose, daily intentions).

Starts Sept. 15, 2:45 PM


Online Game Clubs

Math Counts Club (Grades 6-8)

Join the fun in the after school Math Counts Club, Mahtomedi Middle School’s state and regionally ranked club. Work on math problems and skills (from basic math through algebra and geometry) and prepare throughout the session for
chapter competition. If you have an interest in putting your math skills to the test, then this is the club for you. Instructor: Katie Ahrens
Mondays starting Oct. 7, 2019-Feb. 2020
2:35-3:30 PM
Middle School, room 231
(No class Dec. 23, 30, Jan. 20)

How to Speak Dog (grades 4-8)
Dogs can talk; not with their words, but with their bodies. Your dog probably thinks you can understand AND probably thinks you are responding with your movements and body. In this interactive workshop, learn how dogs communicate, what they communicate and how to respond.
Leave your own pup at home for this one; we will work with real dogs and you can go home ready to train and build an even stronger relationship with your pup. This is a great animal science opportunity for homeschool and supplemental learning with some controlled social exposure.
Thursday, Oct. 15, 1-4 PM

Learn to be an Animal Trainer (grades 4-8)
Want to work with animals when you grow up? Do you watch trainers at the zoo or communicating with dogs and other mammals and wonder how they do it? Learn about animal cognition (how their brains learn), how trainers help domestic and zoo animals live better quality lives by training them to do jobs, enjoy vet care, get along together, or perform and what careers there are as animal trainers and how to start preparing for them now.
Friday, Oct. 16, 9 AM-Noon

American Red Cross Babysitters Training (ages 11+)
Discover the essential universal skills and techniques every babysitter should have. This one-day certification course teaches participants to take care of themselves and others by exploring basic care of infants and children, basic first aid, emergency protocols, home safety, child behavior, developmental milestones, age-appropriate activities, professionalism, leadership and more.
An Emergency Medical Technician and former member of Red Cross’s Emergency First Responder Team, Allison Curtis is a passionate instructor of American Red Cross CPR and Babysitting with over 10 years of teaching experience.
Friday, Nov 13   8:30-4PM
District Education Center, room 103

Private Guitar & Piano Lessons at the DEC
Mahtomedi Community Education offers private piano and guitar lessons for youth and adults of all levels and interests. Lessons are 30-minutes at the District Education Center. Lessons run September through May. Register early to secure your preferred lesson time. Registration is open throughout the school year until full.
Virtual lessons may be an option depending on availability.

Call 651-407-2034 to check availability and to register.

GUITAR (Grades 2-Adult): Monday-Thursdays
with Mr. Mike Schumacher

PIANO (Grades 1-Adult): Tuesday-Thursday
with Mr. Brad Bergie and Thursdays with Mr. Matt Wilberg