Welcome to Mahtomedi Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE)!

We are a program that recognizes that families provide a child's first and most important learning environment
and parents are a child's first and most significant teacher. ECFE builds on family strengths and supports parents
in their efforts to raise their young children, birth to kindergarten enrollment.

Registration for 2021-22 ECFE opens: 
April 22, 2021 - for current students 
April 29, 2021 - for new students

Sept. 6, 2021 - Registration closes 

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Child Education - The early childhood years are a time of rapid growth and development and a critical time for healthy development. Early Childhood Indicators of Progress include:
· Social & Emotional Development
· Language & Literacy Development
· Cognitive Development
· Physical & Motor Development
Parent Education strengthens families by providing relevant, effective education and support. ECFE offers an environment for the healthy growth and development of parents. Minnesota’s Parent Education Core Curriculum framework and  indicators include these domains:
· Parent-Child Relationship
· Parent Development
· Early Childhood Development
· Family Development
· Culture & Community
ECFE Mission:
Mahtomedi Public Schools Community Education's Early Childhood and Family Education Program is dedicated to strengthening families and supporting the ability of all parents to provide the best possible environment for the healthy growth and development of their children.

Our Goals are to:
  • Support parents in their efforts in raising their children.
  • Offer child development information and share parenting techniques.
  • Supplement the discovery and learning experiences of children.
  • Help create effective communication between parents and their children.
  • Promote positive self-esteem of children and parents
ECFE builds on family strengths and supporting parents in their efforts to raise their young children, birth through kindergarten enrollment.  Parents and children attend classes together. Parent-child classes are taught by licensed early childhood teachers, licensed parent educators, and qualified teaching assistantsClasses include time for:
Parent-Child Time Children's Activity  Parent Discussion 
* Parents and children enjoy time together exploring planned learning activities prepared by a licensed early childhood teacher.

 * Parents and children learn ideas, songs, games, and activities they can repeat at home.


* Children work with a licensed early childhood teacher and trained teaching assistant in learning activities and social skill interactions.

* Children enjoy art, stories, music, movement & other learning activities.

* Meet with other parents & a licensed parent educator to discuss topics such as development, temperament, discipline & experiences

* Parents make connections & gain support from other parents in the area.
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Contact: Stephanie Berwald