What is Community Education?

The mission of Mahtomedi Public Schools Community Education is to promote citizen involvement and to provide lifelong learning opportunities for all district residents - from infants and their parents through senior adults - and every one in-between. The philosophy of Community Education recognizes that learning is a dynamic process whereby everyone teaches and everyone learns. The ideals are quite simple:

• Citizen engagement and involvement in community-based opportunities helps to strengthen community to make this an appealing place to work, play, learn, and live.

• Especially in today’s busy and fragmented world, local and regional social opportunities provides welcome ways to gather with friends and neighbors around areas of mutual interest.

• Whether you are a new or longtime parent, a student in our early education through grade 12 programs, an adult non-English speaking student or a senior citizen, all possess similar needs for academic skill building to help you advance to a higher level of knowledge and capability.

• Academic success is much more likely in a safe school and community environment that promotes healthy youth development and minimizes high risk behaviors and distractions.

• Enriching, experiential learning provides powerful ways to help people of all ages “try on” varied learning opportunities to discover their true vocational or recreational interests.

All of these stated ideals become realized through a comprehensive offering of programs and services available to you right in your own back yard. The experiences are as unique and refreshing as the students who experience them. Please take a few moments to learn more about the comprehensive programs and services available to you right in your own back yard. We’re confident you’ll discover many ways Mahtomedi Community Education can support your individualized learning needs.