Mahtomedi Area Preschool
2016-2017 Registration
Mahtomedi Area Preschool (MAP)


There are openings in some classes.
Call Julie to register at 651-407-2441

Mahtomedi Area Preschool offers its students the opportunity to participate in a classroom setting which will prepare them for kindergarten.  Children are encouraged to explore the world around them in a safe, nurturing and enriched classroom.  Daily activities stress cognitive, social and emotional development and physical fitness.  Our curriculum is designed to promote math, language and literacy, and technology concepts aligned with the Mahtomedi Public Schools.  Licensed teachers utilize the Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold form of assessment to prepare children for the Mahtomedi kindergarten classroom.  
We believe every child will benefit from a preschool experience.  Through state and local resources, we are able to help qualified families afford our programs.  If your family circumstances are limiting the possibility of your child participating in a preschool program, please contact our office to discuss how we might assist you.  


Important Notice:
Enrollment in Mahtomedi Area Preschool does not give any priority nor guarantee that your child will be accepted under open enrollment to the Mahtomedi Public Schools ISD 832. Students from outside the district will need to apply for open enrollment and be accepted with the same process as those who have not participated in our program. Note, your admission to Wildwood is automatic if you are a resident of the Mahtomedi Public School District.